Telescopic Flash Light

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    Strong, stable and durable, the Ultronics LED Telescopic Zoom Flashlight comprises a long-distance light beam. This equipment is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.


    ● The LED Telescopic Zoom Flashlight emits an ultra-bright 90,000 Lumens with XHP70 LED long-distance light beam. This flashlight can illuminate a large space.
    ● Created with aluminium alloy, the flashlight can last for an elongated period of time.
    ● It includes internal wiring, which includes a high efficient booster circuit and working voltage that utilises the batteries to its greatest extent.
    ● The LED Telescopic Zoom Flashlight features a water-resistant design. However, the flashlight should not be directly immersed in water.
    ● It includes LED bulbs with a lifespan of up to 100,000.


    ● Batteries Not Included
    ● Light Type: LED
    ● Switch Type: Push Switch
    ● Body Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminium
    ● Lens Material: Convex Lens
    ● Running Time: 15 mins – 4 hours (depending on batteries used)
    ● Weight: Approximately 358g
    ● Wattage: 20W
    ● Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
    ● Charger: Rechargeable
    ● Lighting Distance: 200-500 m
    ● Focal Length: Adjustable
    ● Support Dimmer: 2-4 files
    ● Function: Self-Defense, Shock-Resistant

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