Table Chair Leg Silicone Cap Pad Furniture Non-slip Table Feet Cover Floor Protector Foot Protection Bottom Cover Pads

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    Shipping cost: 200

    Pack Of 8 Silicon Pads Rs 999/=
    Pack of 16 Silicon Pads Rs 1599/=
    Pack of 24 Silicon Pads Rs 2099/=

    FLOOR PROTECTORS: Protects Both Chair Table Legs and Floor From Damage; Anti-Slip Bottom Pad Prevents Scratches And Noise Without Leaving Marks. The Flexible Silicone Box is Easy to Slip-On, Giving Chair Leg a Snug Grip Like a Glove.
    NOT EASY TO FALL OFF: This Chair Glides Feet Caps Tips are No Need to Stick, Simple to Wrap and Not Easy to Fall Off
    MATERIAL: Durable Soft Silicone, 100% Nontoxic, Safe for Children & Pets, Fits Many Kinds of Furniture Feet: Dining Room Chair, Bar Stool, Patio Chair, Kitchen Chair, Metal Bistro Chairs, Desk Chair, etc.
    BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Made of Transparent Silicone Gel, Could Blend In All Kinds of Home Design, You Will Hardly Notice Them With The Transparent Design.
    Not easy to fall off.
    There will be no scratches and reduce noise when moving your furniture.
    Good choice for protecting your furniture and floor.
    Material: Silicone
    Size(approx.): Round 4×3.2x3cm

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