Magic Stuffed Grape & Vegetable Meat Rolling Rice Tool Cabbage

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    Shipping cost: 200

    Shipping cost: 200
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    Practical Easy Household Stuffed Stuffed Wrapping Machine Wrapping Tool
    With the wrapping machine, your wrappers will no longer open and will be the same size.
    In which products is it used?
    -It is also used in the production of pastry, lentil patties and tekirdağ meatballs, as well as stuffing, stuffed cabbage and stuffed chard with a wrapping machine.
    -Practical stuffed wrapping machine; It has 3 stages and each stage is wrapped separately.
    Easy Leaf Wrapping Machine Product Usage:
    Move the adjustment knob to the desired position according to the desired length.
    When the adjustment button is at 1, it wraps thick, 2 is medium, 3 is thin.
    Lubricate the tape with a few drops of oil, spread the oil on the tape.
    Place the machine on a flat surface with the low side facing you.
    Place the leaf on the neck from the stem, centering on the bottom of the machine.
    Make sure that the leaf fits well on the bottom of the machine with the help of a finger and that it does not cover the overflowing parts of the machine, and that it comes to the side walls of the machine.
    Put the filling on the bottom of the leaf according to the thickness of the filling.
    Use 1.5 for thick wraps, 1 for medium wraps, and spoon material for thin wraps.
    You can find this amount by trying it.
    Finally, push the lever forward.
    The coils will fall off the end of the machine as ready.
    Without putting the new leaf in, press the bottom of the tape lightly with your finger so that it is tight.
    Enjoy your stuffed dishes.
    Product Cleaning:
    Wipe with soapy cloth and rinse with water.
    The product must be dried before it is removed.
    It should not be washed in the dishwasher.
    Product sizes:
    Length: 28 cm
    Height: 12 cm
    Width: 9.5 cm
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