Hoverboard Bluetooth – Kids Super Self Balancing scooter

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    High-quality Materials: A dish storage container made of high-quality PP materials, which can store bowls and dishes and drain the water on them. It is durable, anti-fall, and saves space to the greatest extent.
    Retractable Design: This plastic bowl is retractable and detachable. It can be applied to most dishes and bowls. It can not only be easily stored after disassembly, but also easy to clean. This is a very practical design.
    Easy to Store: This plastic bowl rack can be stretched according to the size of the bowl. The maximum diameter after stretching is 20cm, which can accommodate larger dishes. The maximum diameter after shrinking is 14cm, which not only saves space, but also according to actual needs. Make adjustments.
    Wide Range of Uses: This plastic bowl rack can be used not only to store bowls, but also to store dishes, and its bottom is hollow, which can drain excess water from the dishes for a wide range of uses.
    Multi-function: This creative drying rack fits most tableware. You can organize dishes, bowls, cups and bottles. Its maximum diameter is 20cm, and all tableware within 20cm in diameter can be placed.

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